About Us

Established by experienced leading technical and market specialists of various chemical industries, our team is focused on providing efficient technical solutions tailored to customer’s needs through our reputable partnership with leading manufacturers. This task is accomplished by providing the most efficient logistics and the highest quality of service through a dedicated sales team that is empowered, responsive, reliable and professional. Thanks to the industry expertise and extensive market knowledge we respond to changing market dynamics and emerging industry trends.

Zymachem’s aim is to build an enduring relationship with customers by providing a service tailored to each customer’s needs. This task is accomplished through simple yet crucial means: market expertise, technical development, and innovation.
By establishing a close bond between our leading suppliers and our valued customers, we are dedicated to providing superior representation to one while introducing high-quality products to the other.

We will create superior value through in-depth market knowledge, outstanding customer service and the innovative application of technologies.

Our main focus is to become the prime selection for world’s best manufacturers aiming to advance their sales in the rapidly growing global market by producing safe products that are environmentally friendly.

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